A site for students of the fifth grade at OS "Miroslav Antic" Futog created by their English teacher

Word of the week!

MIST  [mɪst] – A mass of fine droplets of water in the atmosphere near or in contact with the earth; izmaglica

BARGAIN / ˈbɑːɡən / – an advantageous purchase, especially one acquired at less than the usual cost; dobar pazar, dobar posao, pogodba

SNAIL /ˈsneil/ –  a type of slow animal or a slow-moving or sluggish person or thing /puž/

RELIABLE [rɪˈlaɪəbəl] able to be trusted; predictable or dependable; pouzdan

LOVESICK [ˈlʌvˌsɪk]  So deeply affected by love as to be unable to act normally; ludo zaljubljen

APPROXIMATELY [əˈprɒksɪmɪtlɪ] Almost exact or correct; Very similar; closely resembling; otprilike

FREEZE /ˈfriːz/ to become a hard substance (such as ice) because of cold; zalediti

POLLUTION /pəˈluːʃən/ the action or process of making land, water, air, etc., dirty and not safe or suitable to use; zagađenje

CHASE  /ˈtʃeɪs/ the act of following and trying to catch a person, animal, etc. juriti

DIG /ˈdɪg/ to move soil, sand, snow, etc., in order to create a hole; kopati

JINX /ˈʤɪŋks/ someone, or something that causes bad luck; baksuz

SCIENCE /ˈsajəns/   knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation; nauka

GADGET – a small useful device; korisna spravica

ICEBERG – a very large piece of ice floating in the ocean; ledena santa; ledeni breg


4 responses to “Word of the week!

  1. Srdjan Horvat says:

    Nastavnice sto nestavite neku drugu rec,ja ovu vec naucio? 🙂

  2. joca says:

    hvala vam naucio sam i dobio sam 5 bez greske

    i ako nije problem stavite nesto da provezbamo

    • ucimoenglish says:

      Bravo, Joco! Na žalost trenutno nisam u mogućnosti da stavim nov materijal, pošto sam na trudničkom bolovanju i završavam jedan naučni rad, ali nastaviću sa sređivanjem bloga kasnije.

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