A site for students of the fifth grade at OS "Miroslav Antic" Futog created by their English teacher

Tasks for you!

Here are some exercises for you! If you try to solve them feel free to send them back to me and I will check them for you. My email is anatripkovic@gmail.com. (Evo dodatnih vežbanja za sve vas koji želite da se posvetite još više učenju engleskog. Ukoliko uradite bilo koje od datih vežbanja i želite da vam prekontrolišem, slobodno mi pošaljite poruku na gore navedenu adresu!)


4 responses to “Tasks for you!

  1. Nikola Bastic-Basta says:

    vnice mozete li mi reci kako sam uradio kontrolni

  2. Nikola Bastic-Basta says:

    nemorate ocenu

  3. Nikola Bastic-Basta says:

    molim vas

  4. Nikola Bastic-Basta says:

    Teacher have whether good done dictation

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